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Can't find a doctor or afford treatment?

To win a Social Security disability case:

  • You must provide the Judge with current evidence of the severity of your condition in the form of treatment records, testing, opinions etc.  
  • You must have ongoing regular medical treatment and must take medications as prescribed.
  • You must show the Judge you are doing everything you can to get better, including following doctor’s recommendations, following up on referrals, seeing specialists, and getting appropriate testing.  
  • You must show that despite your efforts, you are still having symptoms so severe you are not able to work.

The Judge will assume that your condition is not very severe if you are not receiving ongoing treatment, regardless of the reason.

Your inability to afford medical treatment will NOT be an acceptable excuse for the Judge.  You will be asked about your efforts to obtain treatment through free or income-based clinics and Medicaid.

If you don’t have medical coverage or cannot afford treatment, tests or medications, do the following:

  • 1) Apply for Medicaid  -  The Division of Family Services:  Contact your local office to apply for food stamps, TANF, and Medicaid in person or online.  
    • If you are denied - APPEAL!  Do not just file a new claim.  Contact Legal Services of Eastern Missouri at (314) 534-4200.  They can help with Medicaid appeals for free.  
  • 2) Apply for financial assistance through hospitals and clinics: (even if you have insurance)
    • Barnes Jewish Hospital - For info about BJC financial assistance and applications, call (314) 362-8400 or (855) 362-8400 and also available at  Email:
    • Mercy Hospital – 314.251.6382 Apply at:
    • SSM Health- Hospitals (St. Mary’s, St. Louis University, St. Joseph, St. Anthony’s) – 855.989.6789
    • SSM Health Medical Group financial assistance – call for applications (different than hospital)
      • Mid-Missouri: (573) 681-3767 or (800) 422-0834
      • Greater St. Louis: (636) 669-2411 or (877) 669-2411
      • Illinois:  (618) 436-5600 or (800) 859-9730
    • Compass Health(844) 853-8937 – offers primary care, dental and behavioral health treatment with sliding fee program at many locations.
    • Comtrea -  (636) 931-2700 - Arnold, Festus, High Ridge, Herculaneum, House Springs, Hillsboro  - The sliding fee scale program for uninsured or underinsured, provides reduced costs to most services for those who qualify. No one will be denied services, as services are offered regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Services include primary care, dental, and behavioral health.
    • BJC Behavioral: same day access walk-in clinic for mental health treatment - (314) 747-7491.
      Same Day Access (SDA) is a walk-in clinic serving people with mental health needs. Each walk-in will be seen by a mental health clinician.
      Five BJC Behavioral Health locations offer SDA services:
      • 1430 Olive, Suite 400, St. Louis, MO (314) 206-3783,  Monday-Friday 8a-5p
      • 1150 Graham Road, Suite 102, Florissant, MO (314) 206-3900, Monday-Friday 8a-5p
      • 1085 Maple St., Farmington, MO (573) 756-5353, Monday-Thursday 9a-5p, Fri. 9a-3p  
      • 109 North Main, Ironton, MO (573) 546-5470, Wednesdays 9a-3:30p
      • 326 East High Street, Potosi, MO (573) 438-5050, Wednesdays 9a-3:30p
  • 3) – Website with various resources including free clinics, medication assistance programs, coupons, discount cards and drug pricing tool.  On the site you can:  
    • Find income based clinics near your zip code under “free clinics”.  
    • Print the free Needymeds drug discount card to receive discounts at thousands of pharmacies or download the app on your phone. Show the drug discount card image to the pharmacist to save up to 80% off the cash price of your prescriptions.  There are no fees or registration. It is active immediately and never expires. Anyone can use the card.
    • Search local pharmacies by zip code to compare prices of medications with the discount card.    
    • Locate prescription assistance programs and applications, coupons and other discounts by drug name under “Patient Savings” or call their Helpline 1 (800) 503-6897.  Apply online or print the applications.
      • Tell your doctor if you cannot afford your medication and ask for samples or a different medication.
  • 4) Income Based Clinics - Government funded clinics for uninsured and underinsured patients.  You must be persistent with these clinics, they may have wait lists or tell you some days they are full.  Keep calling, that changes from day to day.  
    Call for a list of these clinics.
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