Short/Long Term Disability Benefits

Disability benefits through your employer's policy with a private insurance company.

Short and Long Term Disability is a benefit that is paid to qualifying individuals when they become sick or injured and are not capable of returning to their past job.  These benefits are usually a percentage of a person’s pre-disability income from that job.
Many times people have been paying for these benefits for years and do not even realize that they can qualify when they can no longer work.  

Remember, the insurance companies are independent from your employer and have a financial interest in denying your application for benefits.  Your employer may want to help you and work with you, but the insurance company may not be similarly motivated.  

Short and Long Term Disability is normally a private benefit provided by or through your employer and can also be purchased individually.    

Why you should consult an attorney if you are initially denied Short or Long Term Disability Benefits:

  1. The administrative steps must be followed precisely to protect further appeal rights if you are denied;
  2. There are a limited amount of administrative steps before you are required to file a suit in Untied States District Court (normally);
  3. Actions brought in Federal Court can be costly and can take a significant amount of time;
  4. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney should know what evidence is necessary to win a claim and know how to get it;
  5. Once you have appealed and lost at the administrative level your ability to submit additional evidence is very limited;
  6. Benefits can be awarded more quickly at the administrative level; and
  7. You can talk to an attorney for free today!

Common mistakes made by claimants:

  • Missing deadlines;
  • Not identifying all illnesses/impairments;
  • Not submitting all medical records;
  • Appealing without submitting additional evidence; and
  • Not knowing the legal standards they must meet to qualify for benefits.

What we can do for you:

  • Review any denial of benefits and the insurance policy for free;
  • Help you understand what your policy requires;
  • Work on a contingency fee basis; and
  • Help win your case!
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